Your smile is priceless

We believe that everyone should have access to the permanent dental treatments they need. That is why we offer full coverage financing loans structured to be both affordable and convenient. Complete the application below and start changing the way you approach dental care today.

Full coverage up to €10,000

Interest rates as low as 9%

Payment periods last up to 60 months

Requests are processed instantly

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How to apply for dental financing

Get an expert’s opinion.

Our dentists are experts at identifying the right solutions for complex dental problems. Before diving into the application process, go ahead and book a consultation to get an expert opinion on the treatment you need in as little as 1 day.

Complete the loan application.

You can submit a loan application online, or during a consultation with one of our dental experts. If you choose the web option you simply need to fill in the form, hit submit, and wait a few moments for the bank’s approval. Once received, you can digitally sign the agreement at your own convenience. 

Get the care you deserve.

Once the agreement is signed, either online or at our office, your journey towards a long-lasting dental solution can begin. Everything from developing your treatment plan to finalizing a financing agreement can be completed in one quick visit.

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